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Anderson Floors


Solid Wood Construction:
Bryson Oak 2-1/4 IN.

Bryson Oak 3-1/4 IN.
Cimarron 5 IN.


Engineered Wood Construction:
Brevard Maple 5 IN.

Casitablanca Collection
Chestnut Hill Hickory 5 IN.
Dellamano 6-1/4 IN.
Eagle Lodge 5 IN.
Gnarly Oak Plank 3/5/7 IN.
Haversham Painted Oak 4-1/2 IN.
Hermosa Plank Brazilian Hickory 3 IN.
Hickory Forge 5 IN.
Monroe Oak 5 IN.
Mountain Hickory Rustic 3 and 5IN.
Northern Maple Plank 3 and 5IN
Rushmore Oak 3 IN.
Southern Vista Scraped Kupay 5 IN.

Wood floors have been around for thousands of years. Could it be possible to reinvent them? Anderson Hardwood Floors has been doing just that for four generations of family ownership. We have been consistently product-oriented in our efforts to reinvent and improve the performance and beauty of a wood floor. Our goal is to make obsolete those old-fashioned, wasteful solid wood floors by providing a superior product - the best-performing engineered wood floor on the market.